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Aesthetics & Skincare

We are committed to provide you with a safe and welcoming environment where you can discuss your skin concerns, goals and expectations openly and honestly. At our Cobham & Harley Street clinic, we will work with you to develop a customised treatment plan tailored to your needs, ensuring that you achieve natural-looking, beautiful results that leave you feeling confident and comfortable in your skin.

All treatments are conducted by Dr. Muneeza Ashraf with over 10 years of cosmetic and dental experience.

About Dr. Muneeza Ashraf

Experience natural results with the expertise of Dr. Muneeza Ashraf

At Elite Skin Clinic, we specialise in providing a personalised approach to patients. We provide skin rejuvenation and facial aesthetic treatments to help you achieve a youthful and radiant appearance.

Our team of experts, led by Dr Muneeza Ashraf, are dedicated to delivering personalised and effective solutions that address your specific concerns, using the latest technologies and techniques in the industry. Trust us to take care of your skin and book an appointment today.

Our Treatments

SKIN REJUVENATION For skin you can smile about.
Acne Scarring
Ageing Skin
Crepey Skin
Dull/ Tired Skin
Enlarged Pores
Sagging Skin
Sun Damage
FACE TREATMENT Restoring your youthfulness.
Tired Eyes
Jawline definition
Flattened cheeks
Gummy smile
Lines and Wrinkles
Lip Shape
Nasolabial Folds
Teeth Grinding
Temple hollowing
BODY TREATMENT For a younger, fresher you.
Aged Hands
Aged Neck
Excessive sweating – Hyperhidrosis
Mum Tum
Stretch Marks

What Patients Are Saying

Our 3-Step Process

  • Goals and concerns: An honest discussion to understand what you are hoping to achieve.
  • Medical history: Including current skin care regime and nutrition, ensuring that our treatment plans are tailored and safe to your specific needs.
  • Facial assessment: Skin analysis and facial proportions.
  • Treatment options: Discussed with you – benefits and limitations to ensure we help you to make an informed decision.
  • Bespoke treatment plan: sent to you post consultation, including the number of treatments, prices and intervals between sessions.
Treatment Appointment
  • Skin Preparation: We will remove make up and products, cleansing your skin with one of our trusted in-clinic brands. 
  • Dr. Ashraf will draw on her knowledge and expertise to gently deliver the treatment, ensuring you are comfortable at all times.
After Care
  • We will advise you of anything you should avoid.
  • We will ensure you know the best way to care for your treated skin.


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