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Rejuvenation redefined by harnessing nature’s code 

Treatment Overview

Polynucleotides are made from nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA and RNA. They are typically derived from natural sources, such as trout or salmon DNA, and are highly purified for use in skin treatments. By stimulating fibroblasts, polynucleotides boost collagen production, improve elasticity, increase hydration and promoting cellular regeneration. This leads to improved skin texture, elasticity, and a reduction in signs of ageing. 

Polynucleotides FAQs

Polynucleotides are long chains of DNA. Sourced from salmon or trout sperm DNA. These highly purified fragments of DNA are suspended in water and available as an injectable. Different brands of polynucleotides have varying percentages of highly purified polynucleotides  

DNA fragments are slowly integrated within your skin, they start signaling your skin in 3 main ways. Firstly, they stimulate fibroblast cells to multiply in number and boost their activity. This leads to collagen production, hydration, and skin glow. Your skin becomes more resilient with improved elasticity and wrinkles start to diminish. 

Secondly, they are incredible antioxidants that scavenge free radicals, hence preventing cellular damage. Thirdly, they function as wound healing agents signaling your skin to intensely repair. This helps improve scars, reduce stretch marks, and improve skin texture. Through repair the discolouration improves, leaving a more even skin tone. Additionally, polynucleotides produce a mild increase in volume and tightening. 

Polynucleotides can be used for the face and neck.  

  • Eyes: Polynucleotides reduce dark under-eye circles, and smooth out wrinkles at the Crow’s feet, fine lines, hollows and puffiness beneath the eyes. Unlike filler they do not draw water to the area.  
  • Skin on forehead: Polynucleotides smooth fine lines, encourage glowing skin and can be used as an alternative to popular antiwrinkle injections. 
  • Skin on cheeks: Polynucleotides smooth folds and lines, tightening and lifting cheeks and hydrating skin. 
  • Smokers lines/lines around the mouth/chin: Polynucleotides smooth lines around the mouth without plumping or adding volume. 
  • Jawline: Polynucleotides help tighten and define jawline. 
  • Neck: Treat fine lines on the neck and crepey-looking skin. 
  • Consultation: During your initial consultation we will take time to understand your concerns, expectations, and desired outcomes and advise if polynucleotides treatment is the best option for you or an alternate treatment would offer a better outcome. The treatment area will be assessed, if you are not suitable for tear trough fillers you may be suitable for polynucleotides in this area either as a stand alone or as a combination treatment. 
  • Treatment: You can have your first polynucleotide treatment on the day of your consultation or you can book a treatment for a time of your convenience. Depending on your needs you will require 3 sessions each 2-4 weeks apart. 
  • Polynucleotides Injection: A needle or cannula can be used to carefully inject the polynucleotides solution into the under eye area, cheeks, around mouth or neck. The injections are strategically placed to stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, or dark circles / hollows under eyes. 
  • Post-Treatment Care: Recovery from polynucleotide treatment with needle may take several days to recover from due to the presence of blebs from treatment and possibility for bruising. Cannula treatment has little or no downtime. 
  • Follow-Up and Results: Your treatment will be performed every 2-4 weeks (normally 3 treatments in total). We then advise a top-up up single treatment every 6 months to sustain your result.  

The results are not immediate. Although they are injected like a dermal filler, the way they work is entirely different. They can cause a swelling for 3-5 days before being completely absorbed by the body. It can take approximately 60 days for the desired effects to become noticeable as the skin needs time to undergo cellular changes. 

Polynucleotides can be used alongside most treatments. They work very well alongside dermal fillers in the tear trough area, as well as with RF microneedling treatments for the skin texture and tightening.  

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